How a Handyman Can Revive Your Beat-Up Deck

Do you have an old deck in your home and are wondering what you can do to make it look better? You have tried every possible means but nothing seems to work?

Well, now that you’re here, there is hope of making your old deck look as good as new! The handyman…

A professional handyman has worked on hundreds or maybe thousands of beat-up decks. He knows the right repairs, the best materials to use, and the best procedure to get your deck back in shape.

Here is a snapshot of the procedure he’ll follow when working on your deck:


When the handyman gets to your home, he’ll thoroughly inspect your deck, noting down the areas that need attention:

  • Check the condition of the staircase
  • Check for signs of rotting in the joists
  • Check where there are loose or missing bolts
  • Check the deck railing for loose splinters or other damages

Once he finishes the inspection, he’ll inform you what he needs to make the deck as good as new. You’ll be amazed at how fast your deck will transform from a wobbly structure into a structure you’ll love to show off to your guests!

Clean the Deck

Nothing will make your deck look good than a good professional clean. At times, cleaning your deck using regular products and equipment may not help much. The handyman will use advanced technology and high-quality products to clean your deck.

At the end of the day, you will look back at your deck and wonder why you didn’t call the handyman earlier! It’ll be like you are looking at a brand new deck.


The next step after repairing the deck and cleaning it is applying a high-quality finish. The finish will give your deck a new look and offer the protection the deck needs against harsh climatic conditions. And since the wood will get into the wood, the protection will last longer compared to paint which peels off after some time.

It is important to repeat the staining process annually so you can keep the deck looking good for longer. Like always, the handyman will gladly come to your home for the periodic maintenance of your deck.

Trex Deck

Yard Care

One of the greatest benefits of working with a professional is that he’ll do more than just repair the deck. The handyman will ensure that the beautiful flower garden or lawn around the deck remains intact during and after the repairs.

He’ll also use eco-friendly products that will effectively clean without harming the environment or put the lives of your kids and pets in danger. After the repairs, the handyman will ensure that the area surrounding your deck looks as good as it was before the repairs.

Instead of allowing your once beautiful deck waste away, call your handyman. Whether you are working on a budget or you have enough funds, the handyman will have just the right package for you.  And to crown it all, you’ll not have to spend too much on the repair as handymen charge much lower compared to contractors such as